Blu (blufiction) wrote in eq2_homos,

Does it make me completely crazy if ...

... I like to follow other players around the newbie zones while invisible?

Last night, I went to Fallen Gate with my bad ratonga self.

I was sort of bored, and sort of buzzed, so I was just wandering around ... at first I turned myself into a bat, then a toad, then a rat (an actual rat, like the fetid rats). This got tiresome, so, I went invisible and started following a group of players around, seeing what they were doing.

Well, they were fairly good - they had a 27 Zerker and 27 Troubador so they were on the way to the Pit.

Well, at one point, after I had become thoroughly bored, and they had just finished killing a fetid rat, I popped out of invisibility, and did the /cry emote over the body of the now dead rat.

Being a ratonga myself, I had a huge laugh.

I have no idea what they thought. I went back into inivisibility mode then and left. They did stand there for a moment and not move, though.

One of my guildies told me that people will often seem afraid when confronted by psychotic ratonga. I dunno.

What do you think?

8 )
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