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new here

Hey, what a cool community! I used to play EQ2 a bit ago and then switched back to palying City of Heroes, and now I'm back to playing both again.

So far, I have two characters on Antonia Bayle - Aerric, lvl 12 human sorcerer, and Danann, lvl 9 elven scout-to-be-bard. I may roll up a half-elven shaman later.

Looking for a good gay guild to join. I saw some random froglok hopping around Antonica with a guild that had Stonewall in the title, but I didn't catch the entire name or see it online since.
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I'm fairly new to EQ2 (will have the game 2 weeks on Wednesday) but I've been having a good time with the Midnight Rose Order on Crushbone. Don't know anything about Antonia Bale though.
The majority of guilds that I'm aware of that identify themselves as "gay" guilds are on Crushbone. It's a smallish community and that's what was decided at launch for some reason. ;-)

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